LINKAS ❤️ BEST IN SHOW !!!!!!!🎉We would like to share the unforgettable results from the „KKMC RUDENS TAURE’21” dog show!🐶🐾🎉 🏆Our English Pointer MR LINKOLNSHIRE OF BERŽORAS(Weimpoint coco puff for beržoras& Pawprint earth wind n fire) 🌟2xN, 2xCAC, 2xBOB 🌟BIG 4 🌟BIG 1 🎉🎊BEST IN SHOW 1st place!!!🥇 At the age of only 18 months!🎊 I am very happy and I thank the judges: Valentinas Stiklius(Lt), Dainora Sudeikienė(Lt) and Audronė Babianskienė(Lt) for such a high score ❤️🌟 A big thanks to our handler Dagnė Maksimavičiūtė for a wonderful performance!🎀😘