National dog show in Kaunas, Lithuania 2014-01-25,26

Kennel „BERZORAS” have opened new show season with so amazing wins!!!

Akira of Berzoras (Zafir of Skyrocket x Yasmin of Skyrocket) first time at the show and our future ring start have won 2xVery Promissing, BABY BEST IN SHOW 5. (Judge Sonia Kelveri-Philippou)
Canberra of Skyrocket 2xCAC, BOB, BOS (Judge Sonia Kelveri-Philippou fro Cyprus)
Zafir of Skyrocket (Dio) 2xCAC, BOS, BOB, BIG 4 (Judge Yochai Barak from Israel)
Brace competition Canberra of Skyrocket & Zafir of Skyrocket r.BEST IN SHOW BRACE!!!
We are more than happy, and would like to say THANK YOU, for ALL JUDGES FOR SUCH A HIGHT MARK OF OUR DOGS!!!