International Dog Show, Kaunas, 2020-01-24-26

Breeders competition „BERZORAS” 24-BEST BREEDER 5!!! 25-BEST BREEDER 1 !!!!! 26- BEST BREEDER 4!! Youngest hopes,our juniors Ambicija Of Berzoras (9 months)3xJW,2xJBOB and closed Lithuanian Junior Champion!!!Muskat Of Berzoras JW, JBOB!!! Unicum Allemande Of Berzoras 3x CACIB , 2xBOB, BIG 4,BOS !!! Kalambur of Berzoras 2xCACIB, 2xBOS, BOB, BIG 5,rCACIB !!! Canber Thunder Power Berzoras r CACIB !!!Would like to say THANK YOU to all pur TEAM for great company and support!!!