European and Austrian Winner’19 2019-06-21

😍My love and pride Dio (Zafir of Skyrocket) has returned to the European Dog Show Wels and brought an amazing win – EUROPEAN BOB VETERAN WINNER!  ❤🏆

 🔥The second year in a row he has become a European veteran champion in big competition and defended his crown!!🔥👑

 It is a lot of joy that many of his descendants were in the first winners’ ranks and have been evaluated by a well-known scorer Martinez Miguel Angel! ❤

🏆Dio’s daughter “Achema of Berzoras” 2/15 in open class. ⭐️

🏆 Dio’s daughter “Kiki Freja” 2/15 in youth females. ⭐️

🏆 Dio’s grandson “Ric of Berzoras” (Brandy) 2/8 in champion class.⭐️

🏆Dio’s grandson “Ambravittoriya Eger Zeus” 1/9 in Intermediate Class.⭐️

🏆 “Beauty of Fire Bernardo” (Arkan of Berzoras-TT Renata) 3/10 in open class.⭐️

🔸Preila’s (Weimpoint Coco Puff for Berzoras) results:
 ⭐️5/11 in juniors! ❤

 ⭐️2/6 in Austrian winners! ❤🔥