Dog show in Rusne 2014

Hungarian Vizsla: Canberra of Skyrocket: CAC,N,BOB,BIG5, Zafir (Dio) of Skyrocket: 2xCAC,2xN,BOS,BOB,BIG5; Yasmin of Skyrocket: CAC, Allure of Berzoras: JW,JBOB. SKYROCKET at Breeders Competition 3 and BIS BREEDER!! Brace Competition Canberra and Zafir 3 place.
Labrador retriever: Kyzy (Kera) Berzoras CAC,N,BOB r BEST IN GROUP!!!!
Huge THANKS for all Judges, Friends and very BIG BIG THANKS for our hendler Marija Zemlianskaja Magma. You are the best GIRL!!!!